The Many Hills Songbook

In celebration of the Manhattan Choral Ensemble’s 20th Anniversary Season, we are proud to present The Many Hills Songbook. This collection of compositions from contemporary composers connected to New York City is intended to provide the choral community at large with a shared repertoire of songs that reflect our daily life. We are extraordinarily grateful for the composers who have contributed to this project, and allowed us to share their work with you through a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use. We hope you will download the songbook, share it with your singing partners, and find joy in the music echoing over the many hills of this world.

Composers & Songs

The Many Hills Songbook - Cover ImageMartha Sullivan – “Always”
Frances Pollock – “blessing the boats”
Greg Brown – “Drink! and Merry Be(e)”
Nico Muhly – “Farewell Proverb”
Jaymay – “The Happiest Hour (By Far)”
Christian Carey – “Housewarming Song”
Patrick Castillo – “I love the jocund dance”
David Kim – “Irish Blessing”
George Steel – “My Heart Is in the Highlands”
Charles Griffin – “Never Say Goodbye”
George Andoniadis – “Stage Fright (The Music Boxes)”
Davide Zannoni – “The Sound of Joy”
Ricardo Llorca – “Tarantellas de la Mujer Barbuda”
Victoria Bond – “That Music Always Round Me”
Rich Campbell – “Travelin’ On”
Trevor Weston – “Voices Live Forever”

Download The Songbook

Complete the form below to receive a download link by email. Please read carefully the licensing information included in the songbook. Each composer retains the rights to their music. Everyone is granted a limited license under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, as marked on each piece and summarized under “How to Use This Songbook.”

We’d love to hear any and all performances from the songbook. Share your video and audio clips on social media with the hashtag #TheManyHillsSongbook, and contact us via or on Facebook.